Vegan Latin Babe

Esmeralda De Pal

Plant-based Lifestyle Educator Holistic Nutritionist Transformational Health Coach

Certified Wellness Consultant * Vegan & Raw Food Chef * Yoga Instructor
Teaching you how to live your best plant-based lives


Nutrition & Health Coaching

As an International Holistic Health Coach with certifications in yoga, life coaching, personal training, holistic health and integrated plant-based nutrition, Esmeralda inspires positive change through daily holistic living practices and has helped thousands of people across the world better their lives by helping them reach their health and nutritional wellness goals. Esmeralda has an impressive background as a Certified Health Coach and Diabetes Educator. She earned a Bachelor of the Arts degree from the University Of California Los Angeles in Philosophy, and is a Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach through Colin Campbell at Cornell University.  

Her background as a personal chef enables her to instruct her clients in the healthy preparation of whole, natural foods. She has a passion for encouraging health and wellness through integrative nutrition and lifestyle coaching, and is especially knowledgeable about insulin resistance. Insulin resistance plagues millions of Americans each day, and is the true root cause of Type 2 diabetes, as well as a contributing factor to cardiovascular disease, hypertension, stroke and even some cancers.

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Yoga is a key pillar for self transformation and Esmeralda believes that a yoga practice is not about being perfect, rather it is about SHOWING up for YOURSELF on the mat. It is about getting in tune with your body and playing near the edges, instead of pushing to the limits. Learning to be playful, uncovering your inner-self and exploring how strong you really are.



Esmeralda is on a mission to help you get healthy! After overcoming her own difficult childhood, an eating disorder, and stage 3 breast cancer, she has optimized her own health using her education in the field of healthy living. She is an international motivational speaker and transformational life coach with a burning desire to empower people.


Wellness Retreats

Experience the magic within you. These powerful plant-based retreats are designed to help you release the unconscious fears that hold you back from living the life of your dreams. If you want a change in your life, itโ€™s time to take the leap. You are deserving of this and so much more.